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D7 mini-detaily

D7 Mini

Detaily, vylepšení, ....



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Seeking Prints and/ or information

Jerry Savage,5. 11. 2015 1:37

I am still searching for a set of prints for a Mini d-7. I am most interested in the cable addition to the tail from the outer wing strut attachment. If anyone has details about why these cables were added and any details about the fittings or changes required please let me know. I tried the widow of the designer with no response. Please reply at caribeanbound@aol.com

Design Questions

Jerry Savage,26. 6. 2014 4:58

Looks like I am going to have to open up my wings and reverse engineer the design of my Mini Straton D-7. I can't get a set of drawings or even answers from anyone as to why you have all added cables from the tail to the wing struts. I am assuming that it was a required safety modification to strengthen the wing. Where there other modifications? If I can't get answers I will have to measure the spars and reengineer. I just hate to have to cut open the wings to measure the components. Can someone please help me with this information? Please!

Mini Straton D-7 in USA

jerry savage,4. 5. 2014 2:05

I am still looking for someone on this site to help translate for me and get me some information on the design and possibly a set of drawings for the Mini D-7. Please reply to my e-mail at caribeanbound@aol.com I would like to get you some photos of my Straton with a Kawasaki 440 engine and folding prop.

Mini Stratons

Jerry Savage,4. 7. 2013 2:20

I have my mini straton about ready to fly now. Just finished the sketches for the trailer. Can,t wait to get her up flying.